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Tycab New Zealand is the leading specialised distributor of the highest quality Oxygen Free and Tinned Copper electrical cable products.

Tycab factory in Melbourne manufactures products that are used across a broad range of industries, from Automotive, Irrigation, Building, Data & Instrumentation to Security, Marine, Welding, Speaker, Audio/TV and Switchboards. Such is the size of its product range; Tycab now produces more than 2000 different cable variations to the market.

Tycab prides itself on being an innovative cable producer that enjoys the challenge of developing products to satisfy various cabling design requirements. Tycab’s competitive advantage is its ability to produce the highest quality cable quickly with typically smaller minimum run sizes than other cable manufacturers

or importers. Niche products and solutions are our specialty.

Throughout its history, Tycab has earned the reputation as a stable, reputable and reliable supplier to the market. Tycab’s goals revolve around continuous development of high quality products, second to none customer service, and continual investment in design and innovation.

On a domestic level, you’ll find Tycab cable powering home security systems, extension cords, home theatre and audio systems, irrigation systems, telephones and Fire Detection Systems.

Tycab products are the cable consumers’ first choice because when it comes to cable, Tycab is the name that users have learned to rely on.


Tycab New Zealand distributes high quality electrical cables that meet customer requirements, relevant standards and applicable regulatory requirements.
Tycab New Zealand is committed to ongoing improvement in quality, innovation and performance, to ensure profitability and competitiveness, and to provide customer support and satisfaction.
All of Tycab’s employees are actively involved in the performance of the company, and have a feeling of ownership in the achievement of company goals and quality objectives. All employees are responsible for the product or service they provide to internal and external customers.
Tycab’s goals and objectives are achieved through clear work instructions, employee training, and continuous improvement of its management systems. The performances of these quality objectives are monitored and appropriate

actions are implemented to ensure that these objectives are achieved.
Tycab regularly reviews the skills and training needs of all its employees, and provides suitable training, to ensure that employees are competent to perform their functions.
The equipment that Tycab utilises at its factory in Melbourne to manufacture and test cables is regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure that it is reliable and accurate, and produces cables that constantly meet required specifications.
Tycab’s Management Team is primarily responsible for ensuring the effective practice of this quality policy and the quality management system, which has been designed to comply with AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2000 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”.



Tycab customer service will be second to none. With a passion for our company, our products and our values, we will ensure all our customers are to be treated with honesty, integrity and respect.


Tycab will foster a culture for success by providing reward and recognition for excellence, an environment that generates a positive moral and a workplace that promotes the best practices in OH&S.


Operate responsibly in accordance with ISO14001 guidelines and make a positive contribution to the community.


Operate responsibly in accordance with ISO14001 guidelines and make a positive contribution to the community.


Tycab’s  factory in Melbourne will manufacture products to the highest quality in accordance with ISO9001 guidelines, whilst focusing on innovation, continuous improvement and positively contributing to brand value. Tycab will continue to focus on flexibility and service as its differentiators in the market place.


Tycab will continue to innovate and exceed customer expectations for specialised cables. State of the art facilities and materials will ensure our competitive advantage is not only maintained but enhanced.

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